Handling Checkboxes values

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Handling Checkboxes values

New to Rapidminer here. I have an excel file containing data from checkboxes questions; i.e one question exports it's answers into multiple columns. Answers are indicated by a 1 where the respondent checked the answer option.
This causes a lot of cells to be marked as "missing data" which is not really. Before applying some of concatenation scheme to the raw data and R
rather than replacing the blank cells, is there a way Rapidminer can handle this type of data?
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Re: Handling Checkboxes values



you can use the "Replace Missing Values" to insert 0 into the missing fields, for example.


That operator also lets you select only a subset of attributes to act on. So if you have a text field with missing values and you'd like the missing ones in that, you can do that by selecting only the checkbox attributes.

Balázs Bárány
Data Scientist, Vienna

Re: Handling Checkboxes values

Another neat thing about the Replace Missing Values operator is that you can select specific data types to replace. Just use the "value_type" parameter and you can select only Real values, Integer Values, Nominal Values, etc.  You'll love it, I sure do!


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