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Re: Importing data and using custom python code to read non-csv/txt file -> graph

Have you tried adding the folder containing your lib files to the PYTHONPATH?


There is an environment variable (ref.: pythonpath), that is used to look up python modules. In order for it to recognize scripts as a module you need to provide an `__init__.py` file. It can be empty, but it has to be inside the folder you want to add.


Another option is to create an installable module out of your code using a `setup.py` (ref.: creating a setup file). This allows for an installation via pip. If you're choosing this solution, you might want to use the option `-e` during installation. It allows for continuous work on the python files without having to reinstall the module over and over again. (possible installation call `pip install -e folder_containing_the_setup_py`)

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