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Moving the .Rapidminer folder



The .Rapidminer folder is by default located in my user directory. Since I have limited space within that directory, I would like to move it to another drive. Can you tell me, how I can move this folder? Do I have to edit some kind of *.ini?


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Re: Moving the .Rapidminer folder

Hi Frank,


i would recommend to move the repository to another place by simply using a different one. That should be most of the space needed.


Next idea would be to use a link for $USER/.RapidMiner to move it away.


Only then i would think about really changing it in RapidMiner. You would need to change the .sh/.bat file for this.



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Re: Moving the .Rapidminer folder

There is one more option,

By default RM creates the .RapidMiner folder in the user folder, which is obtained from the operating system variable.

You can change it by adding a java switch which tells JVM where the user folder is and manually redirect .RapidMiner to different location

To be more precise add the option



to your script file which starts RapidMiner

If you use windows open the RapidMiner Studio.bat and locate the lines


echo Launching RapidMiner Studio GUI now...
"%JAVA%" %JVM_OPTIONS% [-Duser.home="...."] -cp .........
goto startEnd


in the backets I've shown where to put the new options


If the folder name contains space character remeber to use " ".



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