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New to RapidMiner, Oracle large volume of data?

Hi, new Rapidminer user here. I'm trying to get data out of an Oracle table. Can't get it to run...perhaps the example set is too large or I'm doing something wrong. I need to get the transactions from recent years. After filtering for the years I need, I have 16 million records left (is this S/M/L for Rapidminer?). What's the best practice to get that data into Rapidminer and aggregate? Thanks

Learner III alex_fawzi
Learner III

Re: New to RapidMiner, Oracle large volume of data?

Hi Dan,


If you're on the free version of Rapidminer studio then you will be limited to 10,000 rows of data. To get more data you have to sign up for one of Rapidminer's paid licenses (https://rapidminer.com/pricing/). Alternatively, If you are using RapidMiner Studio for educational purposes (i.e. if you are a student or professor) you can apply to the RapidMiner Educational program which gives you access to unlimited data. Click here to learn more and apply for access. License limits for the free, small, medium and large subscriptions are below. 


Free - up to 10,000 data rows

Small - up to 100,000

Medium - 1,000,000

Large - Unlimited! 





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