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Rapidminer for Sales Analytics Use Case

Learner I cynthia_lim
Learner I

Rapidminer for Sales Analytics Use Case

Hi all, 


I am relatively new to Rapidminer but had done a couple of Association rules exercises on basket analysis for client take up interest for products during studies, I am looking at using Rapidminer to analyse sales activity levels against sales opportunities (closed won, progress in stages, creation of new opportunities, lost opportunities etc), I have data dumps of the mentioned items but will need some ideas as to how to picking the right algorithms and incorporating all these parts together to create the analysis. Any ideas or thoughts are welcomed!


Thanks very much and look forward to your response, 


Best Regards, 



RM Staff
RM Staff

Re: Rapidminer for Sales Analytics Use Case

Hi Cynthia,


have a look at: https://rapidminer.com/resource/using-data-science-identify-qualified-leads/ where our DS shares his experiences.



Head of Data Science Services at RapidMiner
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