Related Values

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Related Values



i am working on recommender and i am at the first step and doing Data preperation. This is an example how my data looks like: Bildschirmfoto 2017-12-05 um 20.43.43.png

I wannted to make my Algorithm understand that the names with the same 'matchid' are related together. 

It's important because I want to know which Champions(Name) are related togehter and later, if I've just got one name, I want to predict the other one. 


Hope someone can help me. Thnaks! 

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RM Certified Expert

Re: Related Values

You can use the Aggregate operator to group by mattch id and aggregate counts of purchases, etc.   Then run your analysis on the dataset prepared in that way.



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Re: Related Values



I think Pivot is your friend Smiley Happy




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Re: Related Values

@Telcontar120 Thanks for your help. It's not really clear for me how thise gonna be work, but i'm fine with pivot.


@mschmitz Thanks a lot Smiley Wink