Text Clustering using K-Medoids Algorithm

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Text Clustering using K-Medoids Algorithm

Hi All!


I'm new to RapidMiner. I have 1000+ online reviews generated from Tripadvisor.com. I want to apply K-Medoids algorithm to cluster those reviews into cluster. The reason why I chose K-Medoids bcs I want to find the "medoid" for each cluster, which I believe is able to represent the contents of the entire cluster. I already applied some nodes such as:

- Read Excel

- Select Attributes

- Nominal to Text

- Process Documents from Data (Tokenization, Stemming, Stopwords Removal)

- and the Clustering node itself


But I can't seem to find the proporsional cluster. From 1000+ data with k = 2, the ratio of of members of clusters 1 and 2 is 99 : 1. 



Please help mee!

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RM Staff

Re: Text Clustering using K-Medoids Algorithm



have you tried to use



b) cosine similarity as distance measure




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Re: Text Clustering using K-Medoids Algorithm

I agree with @mschmitz suggestions.  However, there is no guarantee when using any of the k-means family of clustering algorithms that the clusters will be of equal sizes.  The algorithm isn't looking directly at the cluster sizes, but rather at intra-cluster similarity vs inter-cluster similarity.  You may want to try X-Means which will test a large range of possible k values and suggest the best one based on BIC.

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