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Text summarization tool with Python script


I am doing a research about text summarization. I am using AYLIN summarization tool provided by RapidMiner and I have a python script of another text summarization method and want to run it in RapidMiner, then compare the results...

Regarding that, I have two questions:

  • What is the technique used of Summarize (Document) AYLIEN Text Analysis tool? I only noticed that it uses extractive method but how it works and based on which features? (I need to know the details to describe this tool in my research)
  • About the python script, I already installed the require software and tried the python script using the Execute Python script operator, but it didn't work! It seems there is a problem, but I don't know what is it! Actually, I have attended the RapidMiner office hour about (External code integration) which was great, but I still don't know how to execute my python script because there is a main function in the RapidMiner operator and I want to use my main function.

So could you please help me?


Thank you in advance of any support or help.


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Re: Text summarization tool with Python script

Dear Alaa,


what is execute script complaining about?




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Re: Text summarization tool with Python script

A few things, the AYLIEN extension is 3rd party so we really can't comment on what method they're using, maybe someone from AYLIEN can chime in here. 


W.r.t. to the Excute Python extension, as Martin above points out. What is the error message? Also, make sure you have the Pandas module installed in your distribution and the path to the python.exe correctly set in the RapidMiner Preferences. 

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