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Write Value (Same Attribute) from Example2 to Example1

Hi again!

I now managed to sort my stuff with the help of you. I also managed to do my own sorting process with 4 lvls. Thanks again!


But i would need help for something else. I think for you guys it's pretty easy but i can't figure it ou. I need to manage to get the Value of an example to a another example. The Value that i need in the first row, is in the second one. The value for the 3rd one, is writen in the 4th. And so on. Like this:


ID    SummLike

1            ?

2            25

3            ?

4            13


And it should look like this:


ID    SummLike

1            25

2            0

3            13

4            0


Thanks and regards



RM Staff
RM Staff

Re: Write Value (Same Attribute) from Example2 to Example1

Dear Mike,


please have a look at the Lag Operator in series extension. This is able to shift a rows horizontally.




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