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where can I find "operator: generate report"? thanks

I see the "operator: generate report" in some post but did not find it in rapid miner studio 7.4, so it is only in early version or I just miss it in somewhere ? thank you for your help.

I know the server can post result as service, I just want to know if I can make report or email in studio? or I should turn to Python ? thanks.

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Re: where can I find "operator: generate report"? thanks



you need to install the Reporting Extension: https://marketplace.rapidminer.com/UpdateServer/faces/product_details.xhtml?productId=rmx_reporting



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RM Staff

Re: where can I find "operator: generate report"? thanks

By the way: I just wrote a short how-to on the reporting extension today which might be useful...  Check it out here: http://community.rapidminer.com/t5/RapidMiner-Studio-Knowledge-Base/Example-Process-for-Reporting-Ex...


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