‎05-30-2017 01:55 AM

Entity Extraction:


Using the Text mining extension and coupled process documents operators, we can build a process for entity extraction.



  • Text Processing Extension
  • Text file of entities to be extracted
  • Text file to extract

For the entity file, a simple CSV where each line is an individual entity


Step 1:

Read CSV - Call our entity CSV file

Process documents from data - send the read CSV into the process documents


Inside the process documents from data we will need a filter tokens and a transform cases (lowercase)


Step 2: 


Using the word list output from step one, we connect it to a Process Documents operator to extract the word list from the text.


Learner III bieha95_nsa
Learner III

On step 2: what process involved in the second 'process document and after that, how to do to create the document ?


Other question, after create the document (there is sentence that we want to extract).

How to do matching the sentence with database use?