‎04-19-2017 09:06 AM

Typically in Rapidminer, we can save the resulting models from algorithms by using a simple "Store" operator.


We can then double-click those models and see their contents and we can also drop them into a new process and use them to score new data.


We can do this also when these models have been built in R or Python with the only difference that we cannot see inside the model artifacts. For example, if we drop and double-click a model build in Python or R, we get a fileobject without much description.

However, the model is there and can be used to score data without re-training.


See the example below:


save python model 1.png

Here, we have a gradient boosted trees model built in python and saved to the repository.


When trying to preview it, we get this:save python model 2.png


However, if we build another process where we bring the model artifact in and apply it to data, it works!


save python model 3.png


FYI, the code used for scoring was:

save python model 4.png