‎06-11-2018 02:57 PM

Version 0.2.1 of the popular Time Series Extension for RapidMiner just got a lot better!


Hear RapidMiner Researcher Fabian Temme explain the new features:


- Five new operators: Extract Aggregates, Replace Missing Values (Series), Forecast Validation, Windowing, Process Windows


- Plus new additions to the Time Series Extension samples folder and three new template process to work with the new operators in this extension (Create Model for Gas Prices, Investigate Gas Prices Data, and Forecast Validation of ARIMA Model for Lake Huron)


Scott Genzer
Senior Community Manager
RapidMiner, Inc.

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Learner III khanduict
Learner III


would you mind to share the dataset for the model time series extension 0.2.1, incase if it is not a problem to share.

i have similar datasets and i am trying to model time series prediction, classification and clustering. However, i am stuck with the date format. its giving data parse error. Please advice where i have gone wrong. Appreciate your help..

Please find below my dataset

Time stamp Message size
00:00:04 WST  1/04/2016 215880
00:00:37 WST  1/04/2016 785
00:00:53 WST  1/04/2016 8608
00:00:55 WST  1/04/2016 9323
00:01:47 WST  1/04/2016 479
00:01:48 WST  1/04/2016 478
00:03:40 WST  1/04/2016 478
00:06:14 WST  1/04/2016 1347
00:06:16 WST  1/04/2016 1392
00:06:17 WST  1/04/2016 1374
00:09:46 WST  1/04/2016 946
00:09:47 WST  1/04/2016 2402
00:09:47 WST  1/04/2016 470
00:10:03 WST  1/04/2016 193733

Thank you


Contributor II MarcoBarradas
Contributor II

What type of attribute is Time stamp is it read as Date time? Make sure it is on the right format. If you have trouble try using Nominal to date to get the data in the right format.