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RM Staff
RM Staff


The link is dead, here is the working link for utilizing RapidMiner with Amazon S3:




Also, the following six step course on RapidMiner text, has over 40k views in youtube! 


Loading text in to RapidMiner


Processing Text in RapidMiner - tokenizing, stripping HTML, stemming, stopwords, n-grams, and word frequency tables.

Association rules with text in RapidMiner - making word vectors, finding frequent item-sets and high-confidence association rules in text documents.

Finding similar documents: how to automatically calculate the similarity between documents. TF-IDF, cosine similarity and K-Means clustering are covered.

Automatic classification: How to classify documents into classes (like positive/negative reviews, or spam/not spam or sports/finance/leisure news), and which words are important.

NEW: Applying A Model To New Documents