How to save macros in csv or excel format?

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Re: How to save macros in csv or excel format?

Hi @archu92, it is normal to have such doubt. It is not suggested to use error estimation from one single fold. “What a coincidence! 100 accuracy Smiley Wink” Usually we take average of MSE(mean squared error) or average of accuracy from 10 cross validated models. That is exactly what you will see in the results view for 'Performance' output of a cross-validation operator.

For example, you can have ouput for different performance criterion in the performance vector view,

accuracy: 66.9048% +/- 7.2695% (mikro: 66.8269%) shows average accuracy with its standard deviation

AUC (optimistic): 0.810101 +/- 0.078353 (mikro: 0.810101) (positive class: Mine) shows average Aera Under Roc Curve with its standard deviation



An insightful post from Ingo Smiley Wink  can also help you understand why we need cross validation and how to interpret it  

also check out his latest “Learn the RIGHT Way to Validate Models” blog post series

ps. When we talk about model error, we should only care about the error on testing set (testing error), not the training error.

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