"Append with Union" building block

"Append with Union" building block

Another user posted a very helpful building block for "appending" collections:

Handling collections: behavior of union vs append


If you get a "collection" result with each element having the same attributes, you can use the Append operator to "flatten" it to one example set. 


However, sometimes the attributes are not completely identical. This building block can work with this kind of data, as it uses the Union operator which creates a superset of the attributes.


A very useful building block, thanks to user @aruberutou!

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Re: "Append with Union" building block

Thanks for pointing this out @BalazsBarany and thanks for creating it @aruberutou!


I've added an updated version of to the original post which scales nicely on larger datasets which you both might find useful. 

Let me know what you think. 


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