Welcome to the new home of the RapidMiner Open Source Community. This new website is dedicated to supporting the open source version of RapidMiner for developers and scientific projects.

If you are a business user of RapidMiner, please check the new www.rapidminer.com.

Open Letter to the RapidMiner Community

Dear RapidMiner Community,

By now you may have already seen the news and are wondering what is happening in Dortmund. It’s an exciting time to be a member of our team and our extended community!

Today we’re starting a new chapter in the RapidMiner story. We’ve changed our name. Rapid-I is now RapidMiner. We’re taking on investment money. And we’re adding to the team. The company name change from Rapid-I to RapidMiner isn’t just symbolic. It reflects a turning point for our company, and we hope for the whole community.

RapidMiner is one of the best and most important analytical tools for business and science today. It gives us answers to our questions. It helps us know how to go forward. It helps us be successful. The importance we, the company, place on the product is second only to the importance you place on the product and we want to be worthy of that high regard.

A product with an open source heritage, like RapidMiner, is never just a product. There is a huge backing community and a huge responsibility to get it right. With the investment, a new business model and a new team, we can increase the speed and extent of product improvements. We can provide better and faster support. We can grow and better guarantee RapidMiner will be around for the long haul. To sustain the product, to compete in the marketplace, we must grow. Which, in the end, will be beneficial for both our customers and all the members of the open source community.

Let me end by saying how grateful we are for the years of advice, thousands of suggestions and feature requests, and your ongoing support of the RapidMiner platform. We continue to invite your feedback and ideas. And we look forward to serving your data mining and predictive analytics needs for years to come.

Thank you,

Ingo and the entire RapidMiner Inc. team

3 thoughts on “Home”

  1. I do not see any benefits for the open source edition. The sources for the 5.3.015 seems to be unavailable (I guess there was only rebranding there). I guess the OS version will be discontinued, at least I could not find news regarding that on this -quite hard to find anything on it- site. (Will it be further developed as CuteBoard?)
    Anyway, it is still a great product, but the changes are not yet finished I guess and in its current state there are many things to improve upon (especially the website).

  2. One thought: Why the community edition are in 5.3.015 version and 6.0.001 in the Rapidminer Studio? It seems like if the Rapidminer team offers an old version to the open source community and preserves the latest for business. I understand the new business model, but not these differences. From the point of view of keep it as a preferred tool in the open source data mining world, this can cause popularity issues. Best regards.

    1. It sounds as if you are asking if we think offering only the older version free of charge will decrease the popularity of RapidMiner in the open source community.

      The answer is unequivocally, no. ALL users (not just our paying ones) get access to all the features in RapidMiner, including the new features in RapidMiner 6.0, via the RapidMiner v6.0 Starter edition. In addition, all previous versions (including RapidMiner v6.0, once v7.0 is released) are available, for free, to developers from the open source community. Instead of just adding more features to the commercial editions, our new model offers better options for both our commercial customers and our open source community.

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