R on RapidAnalytics


R on RapidAnalytics

I'm having trouble configuring R on RapidAnalytics.
I've copied over the R expansion and the web console shows the operators are being installed.

I've got R 2.15.1 x64 installed, and Java 1.6.x on my server. 

I have Rapid Miner installed on my personal computer with the same versions of R and Java, and have gotten the local R extension to work.  I've set environment variables similarly across both systems (PATH, JAVA_HOME, R_HOME).

Whenever a R process is run on RapidAnalytics tries to run, I get a

'com.rapidminer.operator.OperatorException: Could not initiate session with native R. Try using server. Reason: Could not initialize R via JRI. Reason: Library wasn't loaded.'

error.  So I'm guessing that the problem is that RapidAnalytics is trying to run from the wrong JRI (I've seen posts about similar issues with RM).  However I can't find a way to manually set the R JRI to use in RapidAnalytics, as can be done in RapidMiner.

Is there a way to manually configure the R extension for RapidAnalytics, or a procedure to install extension correctly on RapidAnalytics?

Scott Oliveira

Re: R on RapidAnalytics

Hi Scott,

currently it is not easily possible to install R on RapidAnalytics. But we are working on improving the R extension installer and also will take care of this issue.

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Re: R on RapidAnalytics


Do you have an estimate of when the R installer might be available to resolve this? If it's a few days then that would be most cool. If it's longer then I might try and work out how to do it manually. Do you have any high level instructions that could help?

hopefully Smiley Happy


Re: [SOLVED] R on RapidAnalytics

Heres how I did it on windows 7 64 bit using rapidminer 5.2 and r extension 5.3, R 2.15.2 on RapidAnalytics1.2.008. There may be a better way, but it works. Just needed to change 1 line of code in the R extension package.

1. Make sure you have rapidminer installed and the r extension working ok.

2. Get the R extension source code. Change 'new File("jri")' to 'new File("jri.dll")' in Rengine.java thus

   public static void loadLibrary() throws UnsatisfiedLinkError, SecurityException {
       //loadLibrary(new File("jri"));       // this doesn't work
       loadLibrary(new File("jri.dll"));    // added .dll to jri seems to do the trick

Recompile, drop the new jar in to RapidAnalytics1.2.008\plugins  (or your plugin dir if different)

3. Put the jri.dll from R-2.15.2\library\rJava\jri\x64 (or 32 if thats your architecture) in RapidAnalytics1.2.008\bin

Thats it. It seems to prevent closing rapidanalytics down with ctrl-c in the cmd window, not sure if that will have any side effects?
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Re: R on RapidAnalytics

ooh ooh - I'm going to try this - thanks John
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somehow..this solution did not work for me.

I found a solution to this which will work without recompile of the java file.

In Rapidanalytics, go to System settings and add user property,
and set it to

This will load the jri.dll file from \bin folder of rapidanalytics where you have put it, at plugin registration time itself.

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Re: R on RapidAnalytics

On an Ubuntu machine I found the setting for


should be something like this


to work.


Re: R on RapidAnalytics

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