Cannot use plotter ... error


Cannot use plotter ... error

I always get "[NOTE] Cannot use plotter 'Scatter Matrix'. Data table must have between 0 and nn rows, was xxxx" error message. This happened even for online tutorial examples. How can I fix this problem? I installed RapidMinder Community 4.1 from Sourceforge.

Re: Cannot use plotter ... error


this is actually not a problem but simply a note so that the users are aware why the plotter is missing from the plotter selection. Drawing a scatter plot matrix takes some time and it is therefore disabled for larger datasets. The good news is that we want to re-implement the scatter plot matrix so that it will be able to work for much larger data sets so we can relax the bounds for this type of plotter. But I cannot promise if we manage to improve this plotter until the next release (which is just about to come).


How to load processes in XML from the forum into RapidMiner: Read this!