Two bug report

Two bug report

Hi, Michael.

I found one bug when I browse WVTool project.
1. WVTool.java should set pruneMin and pruneMax as caller just passed in, instead of defaults. Obviously it is caused the overlook after copy-paste.

    public void createVectors(WVTInputList input, WVTConfiguration config, int pruneMin, int pruneMax) throws WVToolException {

        // Currently somewhat unefficient: Simply reads all documents twice,
        // will be enhanced in future versions.

        // Generate the word list
        WVTWordList wordList = createWordList(input, config);

        // Prune the word list
        wordList.pruneByFrequency(DEFAULT_PRUNE_MIN, DEFAULT_PRUNE_MAX);

        // Create the word vectors
        createVectors(input, config, wordList);



Re: Two bug report

Hi Benjamin,

thanks for sending this in. We will fix this.


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