Why is this error?

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Why is this error?


If I run the below code, i get an error corresponding to the enclosed brackets ( or [. But the formulas are correct.

<operator name="Root" class="Process" expanded="yes">
   <operator name="ExampleSetGenerator" class="ExampleSetGenerator">
       <parameter key="target_function" value="random"/>
       <parameter key="number_examples" value="10"/>
   <operator name="Real2Integer" class="Real2Integer">
       <parameter key="round" value="true"/>
   <operator name="AttributeAggregation" class="AttributeAggregation">
       <parameter key="attribute_name" value="max"/>
       <parameter key="aggregation_attributes" value="att.*"/>
       <parameter key="aggregation_function" value="maximum"/>
   <operator name="FeatureIterator" class="FeatureIterator" expanded="yes">
       <parameter key="filter" value="att.*"/>
       <parameter key="iteration_macro" value="loo"/>
       <parameter key="work_on_input" value="false"/>
       <operator name="AttributeConstruction" class="AttributeConstruction">
           <list key="function_descriptions">
             <parameter key="try_%{loo}" value="(%{loo}-max)^2"/>

Why is the error?

If I change the formula as "(%{loo}-1)^2" in the AttributeConstruction operator, there is no error.

What exactly is happening?

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Re: Why is this error?

Ah!... Got that... 'max' i guess is a key word... and hence cannot be taken as to define an attribute name.... If I change the attribute name from 'max' to 'maxi', then i get rid of the error....

Shubha Karanth