Information Extraction Plugin and may be coreference-chains

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Dear Rapidminer,

I am a really new user of RapidMiner and I am searching for the “IE-plugin”, which is described in the paper “Information Extraction with RapidMiner ” from Felix Jungermann. I’ve installed the “Text Processing” – and the “Weka”- plugin but I have not found the CRF-Operator or anything to annotated manually entities in the sample texts.
Moreover I’m interested to calculate coreference-chains. So is there any module in the rapidminer-framework, which does the same like the following GATE-modules :
Named Entity Transducer
Pronominal Coreference Module

Thanks for any help,


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    probably the right person to ask this question is Felix :-) As far as I know the plugin is not published yet, but Felix will present it at the RComm 2010 (

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    Hello Isabel,
    I ported the Information Extraction plugin - I never really published up to now - to RapidMiner 5!
    If you are interested in testing the preliminary version which is under permanent development you might download it at:

    But unfortunately, coreference-chains are not supported up to now!

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    I am also highly interested in the new extension, I was going to develop something similar on my own (as part of my thesis). But it would be nonsense to implement an existing extension again, so I could perhaps shift my focus to some other problems. I know, the extension will first be released during RCOMM, but is there some information material already available? I downloaded the current development version but I am not sure how to design processes correctly. I don't even know how to bring up the TextAnnotator GUI. Is this possible at all without further changes to the RapidMiner core? I would appreciate some hints, otherwise I will exercise patience and wait until the extension is officially released. ;)

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    Hello everybody,
    the plugin now is published on sourceforge:
    The next step will be to offer some exemplary processes.
    Additionally, I am planning to develop a users guide.

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