"Substring Error on [Generate Attributes] Operator"

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I wanted to use [Generate Attributes] operator to create a new attribute which is part of an existing one. The function expression I made is "cut(Date,1,4)", 'Date' is an existing attribute of ExampleSet, a typical presentation of the attribute is like '2007.03.12' .

When I tried to run the process, an error happened. 'Error during evaluation: Invalid argument value: Start and length exceed given string'. Anyone can tell me what I did make this happens?


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    colocolo Member Posts: 236 Maven
    Hi navyboys,

    the error message you quoted should have been followed by the string (attribute value for Date) that could not be cut by your function. Are you sure that every example contains a string value for Date that is at least 5 characters long?

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    navyboysnavyboys Member Posts: 15 Contributor II
    Hi, Matthias

    Thanks very much for your response.
    I change the format of attribute "Date", removed dot inside of it.
    Then, I used "Numerical to Polynominal" operator to convert the type before substring.

    It seems to succeed this time.

    Thanks & Best Regrads
    ZHENG Bin
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