Accidental Delete :( How to RECOVER NOW

maredimaremaredimare Member Posts: 3 Contributor I
Hi everbody
I am totaly new to rapidminer
Upon installation I chose desktop as the location of default repository (NewLocalRepository)

Everytime I accessed the NewLocalRepository (on desktop) it showed all the directories on my desktop.
Thinking that erasing the directories would help me with a clenaer view, I deleted the directories from the NewLocalRepository view.
But they are totaly gone from my desktop not even in recycle bin. I am desperate to recover these deleted directories.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards.


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    Stefan_EStefan_E Member Posts: 53 Maven
    Hi Hasan,

    ... looks like you are up for some adventure here  :(
      - I assume you don't have a backup  ??? - that of course would be the easiest.
      - if the directories were links, then only the links are gone ... else  :o
      - if the latter is true: you can try some delete file recovery software such as Recuva (which is free). However, since the Desktop is on your system disk and as you keep using your disk, you keep writing to it ... chances are that stuff gets overwritten (after all, the space has been freed, so Windows can use it to put eg. temporary files there ...); in any case, you should/must recover to another disk (eg. USB stick large enough to hold the stuff. Plus, count on some time to rebuild the directory stuff ...
      - hence, if the stuff is really important, shut down the computer and search for professional help (but that's $$$!)

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    maredimaremaredimare Member Posts: 3 Contributor I
    Thank you for the suggestions
    As you said I trıed some recovery software but partıally successfull with that.
    Kınd regards.
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