Logarithmize attributes

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the subject says it all. Is there an easy way to logarithmize attributes within rapid miner?

Thank you


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    Hi chaosbringer,

    this should be easily possible where expressions are supported. The handling of attribute values is not the same for all operators (which sometimes is a bit irritating). The operator "Generate Attributes" uses an expression interpreter and also offers logarithmic functions. You could read the value that shall be logarithmized as macro (Extract Macro) and then create a new attribute (Generate Attributes) with a value like log(%{macro_value}).

    From the operator description:

    The following log and exponential functions are supported:
    Natural Logarithm: ln(x)
    Logarithm Base 10: log(x)
    Logarithm Dualis (Base 2): ld(x)
    Exponential (e^x): exp(x)
    Power: pow(x,y)

  • chaosbringerchaosbringer Member Posts: 21 Contributor II
    Hi Matthias,
    thank you. Worked perfectly. Actually, you don't really need to extract anything. It is sufficient to do this only with the generate attributes operator.
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