Ports of the Main-workflow

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I discovered (and like) that you can bind objects from the repository to the ports of the main workflow.

However the way this is currently handled by the editor is not the way that makes that a useful feature,
e.g. you cannot unbind them, you don't get a new unbound port, when you bind the available (unconnected) port,
if you connect the one bound port you get a 2nd port bound to the same object,
if you disconnect a bound port, it is dropped and your bind is lost, ....

The behavior for sub-workflows is much better.
There bound (outside-connected) ports are never dropped (if they are internally connected or not)
Beside the (outside-connected) ports you always have one free (neither internally nor externally connected) port.

The behavior of the main-workflow ports would be much better, if binding them to repository objects would behave
like the outside-connections of the sub-workflows.


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    fischerfischer Member Posts: 439 Maven

    sounds reasonable. Unfortunately, this is a bit tricky :-) You get new ports when you start connecting the first, but I guess you knew that before...

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