missing ordered type and can not discretize my label

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i've got 3 problems. The first one is that i miss the attribute "ordered". In version 4.1 I've read timestamps from database and they attribute type was ordered. With version 4.2 the values are nominal. I tried to convert them with the nominal2date operator, but i have already missing values in this column. This operator throws an Error because they can not handle it. When there is no solution for this problem, I want to transform the timestamps in unix timestamps (integer).

The second problem I've got is that my label is numeric and i like to discretize them. But I have no Idea how? All descretize-operator don't handle special attributes.

Problem 3: Many, such as the BinDiscretization, affect all numeric columns, but why? I only want to operate on a specific column. How can I realise it?



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    ok, here we go:

    1. As far as I remember, the attribute type ordered was not used by any operator, that is no operator used the ordering information. Hence it was removed. Concerning the [tt]Nominal2Date[/tt] operator, we also already discovered the fact, that it was not able to handle missing values. We fixed this issue in the newest CVS version of RapidMiner. There is also a new operator [tt]Date2Numerical[/tt] which is able to convert a date attribute back to a timestamp (and other time measures). This operator is also part of the newest CVS version, but it is however not heavily tested yet and may be "experimental"...  ;)

    2. Simply change the label to type regular by applying the operator [tt]ChangeAttributeRole[/tt] before the discretization and transform it back by the same operator afterwards.

    3. Use the discretization operator as an inner operator of the operator [tt]AttributeSubsetPreprocessing[/tt]. As parameter you have to chose an [tt]attribute_value_filter[/tt] and specify the name of the attribute you want to discretize.

    Hope that solves your problems,

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    Thanks, that's was what I'm looking for.
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