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Thanks to RM!

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Rapid Miner Team,

I was just working through some classification models in RM and using the R integration. It dawned on me, that I have never thanked you guys for all the hard work and the FANTASTIC product you have built and are constantly improving. Of course you are in this to make money and community addition users like me dont keep the lights on, but I have no doubt you are also building all of this out of real love for it and for that I wanted to tell you guys what an amazing job you have done and that it is appreciated by many many people worldwide!


I thought what better place to say this than in Problems and Support.  ;D


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    Thanks for your really kind words  :-*

    You are absolutely right: beside earning money on this (as you said: programming while sitting in the dark is no longer cool since the late 80ies  ;) ), the major motivation always was and still is as simple as you named it: we absolutely love our work and also RapidMiner itself. Knowing that you guys do love it as well is something which really is a strong motivation boost - thanks for that!

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