Automatic System Construction + MacOS

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I have two questions concerning the new automatic classification extension:

1.) Does it only work with nominal label attributes? I like to compare some operators for numerical labels.
2.) I cannot update Rapidminer to Version 5.0.11 on Mac OS X 10.6.4. RapidMiner downloads only 9.2MB of 36MB and then wants to restart RapidMiner. Can I fix it? Is it correct, that the automatic classification extension works only with Version 5.0.11? I installed it on my Mac, but the extension is not displayed?! With Linux, I had no problems.



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    It works!!!
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    How did you get RM to update on Mac OS 10.6.4? I'm stuck on RM 5.0.008. After I download the update I agree to restart the program, but it doesn't restart. Then when I open the program I can see that I'm still on the old version. How did you get the update installed?

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    Hi Jamie,

    i have downloaded the new version 5.0.010 (no update). I had the same problem. But still i cannot update to 5.0.011. Everytime I update RapidMiner and restart, it shows 5.0.010.

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    actually you need to start the program either via the executable files that the windows version comes with or at least you have to use the scripts. The problem is that the update mechanism inside the program cannot override it's own files because they are opened. If you start it with the scripts, the program indeed restarts and after closing and before restarting the script copies the downloaded files over the program files.

  • OzoneOzone Member Posts: 17 Maven
    Thanks, that works!!!
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