"German Book for Clusteranalysis"

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does anybody know a good introduction book on clusteranalysis which has also a german version?



  • wesselwessel Member Posts: 537 Maven
    Moosbrugger, H., Frank, D. (1992). Clusteranalytische Methoden. Bern: Huber

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    Hi @ all!

    I thought post my question in this thread as it is rather similar: I'm used to classification (and regression) tasks. Right now I'd like to explore unsupervised methods. Is there a recent good overview book or article about different methods? I know I'm asking for much, but at least it needn't be in German ;-)

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    How would this overview look like?

    There are 9001 unsupervised learning methods.

    I think most of today's research is about combining unsupervised and supervised methods.

    Also I think all clustering algorithms viewed from a Bayesian perspective boil down to:
    and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category_utility

    I have read quite a few articles on unsupervised learning methods, but I'm unsure to which I should point you.

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    Hi wessel,

    thank you for your reply. To your question how that overview would look like: I'm searching for a "Mitchell" about unsupervised learning.

    Best regards,

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