Bagging - how to see averaged predictions?

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Dear Forum,

I apologise in advance for the newbie question, but I cannot seem to figure this one out.

I have a simple regression problem and which i would like to solve with a neural network ensemble generated by bagging. So I took the bagging operator, stuck the neural network in, adjusted my parameters and then chose the "Apply Model" operator. I could now use the Performance operator and average the errors, however, I would like to see the averaged predictions. At the output port of "Apply Model", I can only see the meta-data of the predictions, but I cannot seem to find a way to average them and display.

Any ideas and comments are very appreciated.

Thank you very much,



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    the predictions of the incorporated neural nets are averaged by the Bagging Model itself. You will only see the average in the prediction column of your apply data set. To see this predictions before they are accumulated in the performance vector right click on the apply model operator and select "breakpoint after". Then the process stops after executing this operator and the results on the connected outputs are shown.

    For more details about the program and it's gui please refer to the manual.

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