m x n non-symmetrical matrix

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Dear members,

I have developed an operator which displays the m x n matrices as an output of data transformation algorithms, I am using NumericalMatrix class to display it. It was working in RapidMiner 4.5 but not in 5.0. In RapidMiner 5.0 internally the "DataTableSymmetricalMatrixAdapter" class takes the number of column-names and display matrix accordingly. For example, if the original matrix is 20 x 2 then the displayed matrix is 2 x 2.

Can you please guide me that is there a different way in 5.0 to achieve the desired output?

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    Hi Mansoor,
    for a quick solution you will need to fix this yourself. You can go along with the class DataTableSymmetricalMatrixAdapter and modify it to allow non symetrical matrices. All you have to do is to correct the method getNumberOfRows. You might also wish to overwrite the getColumnName and getColumnIndex methods to suit your need.

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