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Using model and interactively playing with predictions?

michieldmichield Member Posts: 8 Contributor II
edited November 2018 in Help
Hello there,

Could someone please explain me how to do the following? I would really appreciate it!

When I make a process, I can load an imported data set from an excel file, then make a model out of it. I can store the model.
Now I want to use the model, and preferably interactively how do I do that?

Do I have to make an excel file with the exact same inputs as my training set (but with the values erased), then convert it, then look at the
model prediction for my label variable? Is there another way? And preferably interactive.

So for example my training set is:
var1 var2 label
1      2       a
2      2       b
Then I make some model out of it by training (preferably some neural network).
When I apply the model I want to for example use it on a set like:
var1 var2
and the prediction would be "100% chance for a"
but if I would input:
var1 var2
it would predict "50% chance for a"

Of course, there should be multiple variables, and I would like to interactively play with fixing one or the other to a certain bin
(so instead of having to make lots of excel files and convert them, I view all the bins that var1 could be in the training set - in this case 1 or 2, and set
it to one of these values), and see what happens to the predictions.

Thank you in advance!


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