How to show the output generated from RapidMiner.

smitrasmitra Member Posts: 10 Contributor II
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I am exploring RapidMiner 5.I have tried a lot of thigs using the videos and the documentations.I am very much clear how the data gets generated from the inputs.
I have some queries related to the output whcih gets generated.  :-[
I want to know what all types of output can be generated ie only graphs can be generated or a detailed report can also be generated?
Another query is that if a client of any other person wants to view the output is there any ways he/she can view it without installing the software? ie can i show the output in  a webapage or any other application.
I have noticed that we can save the output which gets generated,but i want to know how can i open that file??

Any idea or suggestions are welcome..
Thanks in advance. :)


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    RichyRichy Member Posts: 20 Contributor II
    Hi smitra,

    I think the best way to show results to other people is to use the reporting extension.

    So you can create a pdf file with all the results you want.

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