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I have been excited about excel pivot tables for the last 10 years and I must say I have done a lot of stuff with them.  10 days ago I discovered RapidMiner because I was looking for a fast way to plot multiple histograms.  I was BLOWN away!  :o So congrats on a great program!

My questions are:

Is there any way quickly refresh a repository?
Is there any way to edit the data in a repository?

Suggestion: The dictionary entries on each operators are nice.  However, they are extremely theoretical and cruelly miss a few examples...  On many occasions I would have saved many hours if I could have just seen an example to answer simple questions like "Should I put quotes here? Single quotes? Double quotes?" and so on.

Speaking of which a few examples available to check out that cover the major functions would also be very helpful.

You'll be seeing me around for sure and being able to ask questions will surely make the learning curve much more bearable.


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    thanks for the kind words. I feel extremely motivated to give you a few hints now :)

    So, refreshing a repository: If you mean refresh like in browsers: Yes it's simply a right click on the repository entry you want to refresh and choose refresh in the context menu. If you mean that you want to periodically import data from somewhere, it's a conditional yes. You can install RapidAnalytics which is a backend server to RapidMiner that is among many other features capable of executing processes periodically. If this process then imports data again into the repository it's possible. If you have stored your data inside a database, it's a: You don't need to do it at all: All tables of defined connections are mapped as repository entries and you the data retrieved is always the most current.

    Unfortunately there's currently not an excel like way to edit a sheet of data that is stored in the repository.

    And now to the documentation: If you have spent hours of work to figure out how something works: Spend additional five minutes to edit the wiki behind the operator documentation and save this time for other users! It's just one click away. See this button on the left side of the tool bar in the help window? If you click it, the wikipage will be automatically opened in your browser and you can start editing. It would be really nice to give back something to the community.

    With kind regards,
      Sebastian Land
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