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Hello folks,

I am currently developing a plugin using both the text-mining- and the weka-plugin. The dev-manual states, that  the field Plugin-Dependencies in the MANIFEST.MF-file should contain
A semicolon separated list of Extensions this Extension depends on

However, my plugin fails to load because of this rapidminer-core-method "Plugin#checkDependencies(List)".

if (pluginDependencies.size() > 1) {
throw new UnsupportedOperationException("Only one dependent plugin allowed!");
Surely I can remove this line of code and recompile rapidminer, but I am afraid to break something/ curious to know WHY multiple dependencies are not allowed.

On a side note I noticed the following: If Plugin A depends on Plugin B, it is not necessarily given that B is loaded for A. B is of course available FOR A, when A is loaded, but the operators of B are NOT available FOR RAPIDMINER (=> e.g. in the OperatorService). I just wanted to check that this behaviour is also intended.

greetings and keep up the good work :)




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    fischerfischer Member Posts: 439 Maven
    Hi Steffen,

    your observations are correct. For now, please enter only one dependeny. Multiple dependencies are currently not implemented, we'll re-add that soon.

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    steffensteffen Member Posts: 347 Maven
    Hello Simon

    Thanks for the reply. I'll recompile rapidminer then and see what happens.


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