"Sample size per class drops cases"

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I´ve got a problem with the standard Sample Operator: Using the balanced data option with a defined, absoluted sample size per class produces a buggy output: In the data view, all cases per class are listed correctly (100 examples for each of the 5 classes), but in the plot view &  the final output of the operator, which is used by further ops, it  contains 100 examples from only  2 (of the 5) classes. This it pretty annoying and i can´t find the error, cause there are enough examples per class, whicht could be sampled...


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    haddockhaddock Member Posts: 849 Maven
    Hi TK,

    In general you'll get a better response for "bug" claims if you post the XML of your process, and in particular that would apply in this case, because I can use that operator in a similar way, but without the problems you report.

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