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I intend to use RapidMiner as a platform for DM during a laboratory held at Transilvania University of Brasov, for a master course entitled "Introduction to Data Mining". Which is a good point to start? is there a step-by-step tutorial the students might use. I have the RapidMiner 4.6 "User Guide. Operator Reference. Developer Tutorial", is there something more appropriate targeting lab activity? Or, which are the best steps in order to become proficient with this application?

Thanks in advance,
Lucian Sasu


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    Hi Lucian,

    there's a manual for RapidMiner 5.0 (and is still uptodate on RapidMiner 5.1) available on our homepage. You should use this when using RapidMiner 5.x and I strongly recommend using RapidMiner 5.x.

    There are several Example Processes in the Sample Repository coming with RapidMiner 5.x, that will introduce you to various functionality. You can adapt these example processes to design a course.

    Let me mention two other things: There is a Special Interest Group for RapidMiner and Teaching. If you want to share what you have done and want to use what already have been done, you should subscribe. Just ask me for that by personal message, I will send you an invitation. For example if you want to have your students to implement some basic algorithms like ID3, there has been an prepared extension for that for RapidMiner 4.6. This could be easily adopted.

    One last thing: we are granting a huge discount on our support packages for scientific institutions. If you intend to make more use of RapidMiner/RapidAnalytics during your courses and research projects, our support might be worth the money.

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