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Hi everybody,
I have a questions concerning operator managment.

I have to RM plugins. A public one and a private one. The private one contains operators which I will publish in the public plugin in future, but not yet.

To be able to use those operators and the experiments containing them after I will once have migrated them from the private to the public plugin, I want both plugins to share the same namespace.

When I do this, I get the following error:

2011-01-31 13:27:36 WARNING: Duplicate plugin definition for plugin rmx_Exons in ./RapidMiner_Vega/lib/plugins/rapidminer-Bens-Experimental-Extension-1.0.0.jar and ./RapidMiner_Vega/lib/plugins/rapidminer-Feature-Selection-Extension-1.0.4.jar. Keeping the first. (Plugin.registerPlugins())

Is there any workaround for this or am I doing somethign wrong?



  • fischerfischer Member Posts: 439 Maven

    as discussed on the development mailing list, the reason for that is that the standard buildfile uses the namespace also to create the extension id, which causes your error. Apart from that, it is probably not recommendable to have two plugins with the same namespace. For this phase of the development it may be good to make a custom build file that only compiles part of the plugin as long as it is not released.

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    To edit the namespace of the plugin you have to add this line in the plugin's build.xml:

    <property name="extension.namespace" value="<put_here_the_namespace>" />

    The namespaces of both plugins must be different.
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