"CPU hogging while downloading wiki help text"

wasperenwasperen Member Posts: 16 Contributor II
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Hi all,

I have noticed that RM 5.1 has a preference to download help from the Wiki. I think that is a great concept -- always the most up to date help available.

On my system, though, the help box remains saying "Please stand by while loading from RapidWiki..." and no text is shown. When I disconnect from the Internet, it does show help...

During this "Please stand by", the CPU starts doing overtime. On my 16 core box it takes some 50%!

Any help?



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    Miguel_B_scherMiguel_B_scher Member Posts: 9 Contributor II
    Hi wasperen.
    Could you tell me exactly when this problem happens? Does this happen directly if you are in the main operator "Process"?
    I assume that your pc is connected to the internet and can connect without problems (proxy etc) to the rapidminer wiki? Cause it seems that your rapidminer cant connect to the wiki and thats the problem of the high cpu usage. Usually rapidminer should check this automatically and use the offline wiki help documentation that you also can active by clicking the right button in the help window.
    Anyway the high cpu usage is terryfying...

    Miguel Büscher
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