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  We are two students going to ingenier school in France.
After doing some research we have been lead toward using RapidMiner in order to achieve our project.
The goal was to retrieve some information from a database and treat them to obtain a model.
We use linear regressions and logistics as well as decision trees.
Our problem was that we need to save the model into a database, which RapidMiner does not do, and that everything would execute in command ligne.

We then decided to create a new operator which would do this operation for us.
However, our time and resource restrictions were such that we had to fall back on only tweaking the ModelWriter.

Our system is therefore not a generic one. It only works with models issue from the regressions named previsously.
As we were unable to do a real plug-in, the only option left was to replace the basic Modelwriter class by ours.

We give to this mail our ModelWriter in the link : http://www.2shared.com/file/__QemO_c/ModelWriter.html,
not as an operator itself, we are far from that, but just in case somebody would be looking for a quick solution to a sinmilar problem than ours.
It perhaps will allow you to better understand what was missing in our project as well and could give you new paths for a future development if the demand reveals itself to be real.

To use it, you need a xml file with the similar caracteristics than our database given to you in http://www.2shared.com/document/tiYb_9UF/connection2.html.
Select a file like this with the writemodel operator and choose to save it as xml and if database properties are good the model is store in the database. The comments are at first for my project supervisor and so are in french. However, if certain people are interested, we could create a version commented in english.

Best Regards,

Jérôme Lalisse && Kévin Florestal
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