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I am trying to classifiy documents (.txt) [sort into groups].

What I've dont so far:

Process Documents from Files (2 categories / classes) -> Tokenize -> Filter Stopwords ==> Learner ==> Apply Model (the document to classify comes from Read Document -> Process Documents (Tokenize, Filter) as you can see below:


There are 6 documents for each class (Process Documents from Files) and a single document to classify.

Is this the right way to classify text / documents in Rapidminer ? I am asking because the results are confusing..just to make sure, I want Rapidminer to tell me "Your single .txt file belongs to class/category A or B".

Thanks in advanced!


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    Search for this post in BI Processes "Example - Classify Text Language" and remove the NGgram operator.  You will have a working text classifier.  I use it for several text classification applications.
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    you will have to make sure that in the apply case the same word lists are used! Otherwise there won't be the same attributes and the TF-IDF will differ! So forward them from the process documents operator in training part to the input port of Process Documents on application part.

    We have a Webinar that will introduce you to the text classification tasks more detailed.

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