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I was wondering if anybody could point me in the right direction on how to do this in rapidminer.  I'm new to the program and feel hopelessly lost.

I have 18 lists each containing different items and one master list containing all the items that could exist on any one of the 18 lists.


List 1    List 2      Master List
A            B                    A
C            A                  B
D            E                  C
E            D                  D
              F                    F

I need to use Rapid Miner to compare each individual list to the master list and see what matches and then output which items match from which list


Item        List
E              List 1, List 2
C              List 1
F              List 2

If anybody could point me in the right direction for how to start this process I would be forever in debt.




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    Hello Ram and welcome to rapidminer

    This is not a common task, hence there is no single operator which does all the magic at once for you, so I am afraid you have to write some code doing it (btw: if you know another programming language, you can of course do it before loading the data into RM ;) ...).

    Here is outline what you can do:
    - Create a new Set (the one which shall contain the output at the end) using e.g. "Generate Nominal Data"
    - Load the original data
    - use the operator "Execute Script" with both sets as input to execute a groovy script which ...
     1.Iterate over the the original set and create a set of items of every list and the masterlist
     2.Iterate over the master list, for every item check whether it is in the list-sets or not and fill the output set accordingly.

    You may find this blog-post about the groovy-functionality helpful

    hope this was helpful,

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    bjw001bjw001 Member Posts: 3 Contributor I
    Hi Steffen,

    Thanks for this help and the welcoming  :) .  I think these suggestions will be useful.

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