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Hi RM community,

I am currently working with time series in RM and I have a problem. When I read the series from the database and transform it into an example set, I put the Database key value into the meta data of the output example set. It also shows correctly at the output port inthe GUI. But when I apply an operator on the example set, the key value in the meta data is lost. How can I prevent this?

I should add, i use the following command for adding the metadata information:

this.exampleSetOutput.getMetaData().putMetaData(METADATA_DB_KEY, new Integer(id));

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    radoneradone RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 74 Guru
    The metadata is not actual data. The metadata only describes the data and it helps validation without running a process.
    In your case you also have to modify Example set - to add the key attribute to the example set.

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