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"Dynamic Text Weights"

PeterHPeterH Member Posts: 1 Contributor I
edited May 2019 in Help
I'm experimenting a bit with the text and webmining features around and was wondering if someone is able to provide some suggestions for the following issue.

I would like Rapidminer to read the text and create relationships between the words. For example lets say:
"Right now it is Friday evening and I am typing this in the library."

Now it should give words closer to another a higher relationship factor than those farer apart. Lets say after stopwords for the word Friday {evening, now} would have 1, {now, I} would have 0.5 and so on. At the same time it should ideally adjust the relationship factor based on how frequent words appear at all and in each others context. Thus it would become clear between which words stronger relationships exist. In a next step one could maybe even define a positive impact and negative impact list and determine how a subject is seen and maybe even devleop a timeline perspective based on this.

I had worked in the past with CatPac ( which has this ability to create these distance vectors between words and I was hoping something like this could get reproduced with RapidMiner.
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