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Hello all,

How could one implement a custom operator (e.g. a fuzzy ARTMAP classifier) and further add it to the operators group in RapidMiner? I guess that it should be implemented in Java, by deriving some specific classes/implementing RM interfaces. Where could I find such an example or (better) documentation in this subject?


Later edit: after digging the web, it seems that for RM 5 the white paper (http://rapid-i.com/component/page,shop.product_details/product_id,52/flypage,flypage.tpl/pop,0/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,180/vmcchk,1/) is the authoritative resource. The RapidMiner 4.6 document contains a section dedicated to this area. Is this section deprecated/outdated? I intend to ask to my students to implement some ML-based models and integrate them into RM. At first glance, Weka seems to be more easily extended with custom models.


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    Hello lmsasu

    Yes, the doc of 4.6 is outdated. It will be quite hard to create a plugin with only this reference and examples (for rm5.x at least). I have absolute no authority to speak on this subject, but if you contact rapid-i directly (contact@rapid-i.com), state who you are and that you need the document for academic purpose, they may give you a discount or allow the distribution of one bought document among the students for the time of the lecture.

    I'd try it, but as I said, I have no authority here (i am just a regular enduser like you).


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    Hi lmsasu,

    implementing a RapidMiner operator is rather easy. There is some overhead of creating an extension, but the white paper comes with a template so you basically implement a Java class and run an ant target. Just have a look at the white paper.

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