Setting things up in OSX

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Slowly but surely I'm reading my way through the manual. This is my first experience with data analysis and am really excited by the possibilities with Rapidminer.

I'm having trouble setting it up on OSX (10.5.8) though. Have the folder with all the java files etc installed and simply moved that to my application folder. I even have R installed and found the
When starting rapidminer for the first time though I get stuck on the following points as I don't entirely understand how to 'point' these apps and in 6) I can't locate a folder rJava let alone the jri one or a .so file.
4) If you don't already have a valid JAVA_HOME environment variable pointing to the installation directory of your java, you need to create it. If you don't have java installed on your computer, point it to <RapidMiner installation directory>/jre. You have to make sure, that the java is of the same architecture as R and RapidMiner, either 32bit or 64bit.
5) If you don't already have a valid R_HOME environment variable pointing to the installation directory of R, you need to create it. Be careful that this points to the actual used R directory, so that the architecture matches.
6) Now you can configure RapidMiner. If you click on Next, you will be asked to enter the path to the jri library that has been installed with rJava. This is located in one of the .libpath directories noted above and more exact in <libpath directory>/rJava/jri/. The filename depends on your operating system and is jri.dll on Windows and libjri.so or jri.so on Unix. On R 2.12.x there are 32 and 64 bit versions of the libary present in the i386 or x64 subdirectories. Please make sure that the one in the top directory is of the correct architecture.
I hope someone can point me where I'm either going wrong or a step I'm missing. Can't wait to get cracking!  ;D
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