"How to use SVM if class polynominal"

AlexandraAlexandra Member Posts: 3 Contributor I
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I want to use SVM. When I use it for databases with binominal class everything ok.
But in one database I have polynominal class. With Quick fixes I convert class to numerical in training and in testing part. As a result i received some mistake.
How to use SVM if class polynominal?
Thank you


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    navnav Member Posts: 28 Contributor II
    You can use the libsvm implementation.
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    homburghomburg Moderator, Employee, Member Posts: 114 RM Data Scientist
    Hi Alexandra.

    By default every SVM classification learner is a binary one because the SVM tries to separate observations concerning two different classes. Nav is right in saying that you can apply the libSVM since it offers some built-in functionality to handle polynomial labels. In addition to that you are also free to use any other binary classifier by simply connecting it to the Polynomial by Binomial Classification operator. This operator offers different techniques to transform multi label tasks into binary ones.

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