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Hello everybody,

after finally overcoming all obstacles and using RapidAnalytics for some days, I have another question (already having a bad conscience for opening that much topics in the last days). I would appreciate having a process log and especially more detailed error messages in case of a process aborting somewhere. RapidMiner generates such messages (containing stack trace and naming the operator where the error occured). The process schedule offers just a short message in case of aborted processes. There is a column that should lead me to a process log, but clicking the icon just brings up an error page stating that the requested page was not found. I tried setting the system property com.rapidanalytics.process.log.enable in the web interface but this had no effect. I am not sure if other properties have to be set or how to generate logs for the processes. Local process execution offers much better debugging information but I am sure that RapidAnalytics is capable of doing the same. But the question is: how to achieve this?  ???

I would be very thankful if you could provide a small introduction to the process logging with RapidAnalytics.

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    A little update:
    It seems I was logged in as administrator yesterday when trying to read the process logs. This was because I tried changing some of the logging system properties. Today when I logged in with my user account, I was able to read the logs. But only those of the processes I started myself, logs for processes from other users are not available. Is this intended? It would be nice to be able to have the chance to allow this, since I am often fixing problems for the others. Anyway I would be interested in the meaning of the logging options in the system properties settings.

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    you are right. Logs are limited to the user that started the process. I think the error message should be improved. We will also add an option to allow access for other users.

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