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I recently have been using the SplitValidation to evaluate the performance, more precisely the accuracy of prediction with several algorithms(J48, NaiveBayes, RandomForest etc.) and today tried to use the Generate Report and Report to export the results from the confusion matrix to excel, but I get ReportException. I have been using the steps as mentioned in the link here http://www.myexperiment.org/workflows/1279.html, just instead of correlation matrix I am connecting the SplitValidation operator to the GenerateReport. Can anyone give me a hint, what could be the reason for that? I get the following message : "The reporting caused an error: com.rapidminer.report,ReportException. The reporting caused an error preventing the report generation to complete. Offending operator : GenerateReport"

I am just a beginner in DataMining and I would really appreciate your help!
Thanks in advance!


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    Hi Bojana.

    The report exception you mentioned occurs because you have to select the correct report item. Take a closer look at the second report operator named Report. Click the Configure Report...-button and select the right Reportable Type. In the original example it is set to Numerical Matrix, which fits the correlation matrix. If you want to connect the SplitValidation and its performance measures you might want to select Performance Vector as an appropriate Reportable.

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